Poomaram (2018) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

In an age when exaggeration and embroidery reign supreme, Abrid Shine silently strides onto a Youth Festival venue, unleashes his cast and crew on the fest grounds, and crafts a tiny gem of a film that exhorts what a distinct film maker he is. ‘Poomaram’  has none of the baloney that gets carted under the pretext of campus films these days, and instead hauls you back right onto those college grounds, where a massive expanse of a verdant tree stands tall, copiously shedding a splatter of blue flowers and fragrant memories, every time a breeze decides to blow by.

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Call Me by Your Name (2017) English Movie Short Review


There is little that seventeen year old Elio (Timothée Chalamet) doesn’t know about, as Oliver (Arnie Hammer), a much older American graduate student who has arrived to spend the summer of ’83 in Italy, amusedly discovers. Elio takes upon himself the task of showing an all too independent Oliver around, and as the summer wears on, the two men find themselves falling inseparably in love. Continue reading “Call Me by Your Name (2017) English Movie Short Review”

Captain (2018) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

Prajesh Sen’s sparkling directorial debut ‘Captain’ shines the spotlight on the life and unfortunate demise of an incredible footballer, who wore unrivalled accomplishments on his sleeve. A glorious tribute to a player who eventually got worn out grappling with personal demons, Sen’s malleable biopic is a perceptive portrayal of the player, and more importantly, the man that V P Sathyan was.

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Aami (2018) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

Kamal’s ‘Aami’ falls short of the requisites of an elegant biopic by a mile, and plays along like an unimaginatively scripted radio show, never really drawing you in, and never really letting you leave either. There is little of that captivating life that had enamored us here, or even less of the angst and authenticity of the woman who had chosen to live and love on her own inimitable terms.

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Rosapoo (2018) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

The point that ‘Rosapoo’ is trying to get at, remains elusive throughout. The dull stretches are hardly smoothed out, and while trying to achieve too much, it settles for much less. Wrapped up in a glitter cover all around, ‘Rosapoo’ is a dreary box that springs up zero surprises on you when finally tugged open; a gauche comedy gawks at you from beneath the stylish production design.

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Kaly (2018) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

Najeem Koya’s ‘Kaly’ aspires to be testosterone fuelled. It however turns out to be little more than an expendable diversion; one that is so caught up with its own indulgences, that it rarely hits a mark or scores a point in the course of its entire running time of an unbelievably long one hundred and sixty three minutes!

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