Happy Sardar (2019) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

‘Happy Sardar’ is a perfect example of how a probably brilliant idea on paper could evolve into a damp squib on screen. There is a fat chance that the romance in it would move you or the comedy in it would have you clutching your stomachs, and sans any real thought or notion, this Sardar and his gang brings you no joy.

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Kamala (2019) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

There is what seems like a shroud of mystery all over Ranjith Shankar’s ‘Kamala’  – at least initially – that dissipates as the film progresses beyond its first hour. Eventually, it strikes you as an odd mix in which a social issue has been almost forcefully interspersed into a thriller format, but where it juts out almost like a sore thumb.

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Moothon (2019) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

Geethu’s refusal to stick to stereotypes and her affecting reading of a love tale that tears up the social tapestry earn for ‘Moothon’ a distinctive place amidst the sparsely lit up landscape of queer cinema in the country. The howls and catcalls and the loud sniggers and the off-colour jokes in the cinema halls notwithstanding, it’s a cinematic composition that needs to be appreciated for its compassionate and unapologetically adult take on human sexuality.

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