Veeram (2017) Malayalam Movie Review by Veeyen

On a peripheral level, ‘Veeram’ is a highly gratifying thrill ride through the feud ridden terrains of North Malabar, where machismo rules the roost and blood seems cheaper than water. Dig deeper into it, and you have an intelligent amalgamation of two markedly diverse cultures and two startlingly similar, celebrated tales from them with hitherto unforeseen overlappings.

It is no ordinary canvas that Jayaraj has mounted his epic film ‘Veeram’ on, and as such it evolves into an ambitious demonstration of an idea that amazingly blends two classic tales together. Atypical in conception and phenomenal in implementation, ‘Veeram’ presents you with one of the most memorable cinematographic experiences that you have witnessed ever in contemporary Malayalam cinema. Continue reading “Veeram (2017) Malayalam Movie Review by Veeyen”