Prawns Roast, Seer Fish Curry & Kutti Chapathis @ Pankayam, Trivandrum

Pankayam Restaurant TrivandrumWe had dined at the Pankayam Restaurant at Medical College in Trivandrum once earlier, and headed over to the place once again last evening , with a dear friend who had dropped by. It was quite early for dinner, must have been around 7.30 PM, and the place surprisingly looked quite deserted, except for the wait staff. Continue reading “Prawns Roast, Seer Fish Curry & Kutti Chapathis @ Pankayam, Trivandrum”

Why Surabhi deserves all support in the Paliyekkara Toll Plaza issue!

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Ever since National Award winning actor Surabhi Lakshmi went Live on Facebook yesterday, and reacted against the dreadful experience that she had to endure along with several other motorists at the Paliyekkara Toll Plaza, varied responses have started pouring in. While the actor has been mostly lauded for what she had done, there have also been a few brickbats that were thrown her way. Continue reading “Why Surabhi deserves all support in the Paliyekkara Toll Plaza issue!”

Adventures of Omanakuttan (2017) Malayalam Movie Review by Veeyen

Rohith VS in his debut film ‘Adventures of Omanakuttan’ tries his best to shift away from a prosaic narrative, but his earnest efforts are quashed by a script that runs a bit too long, and gets a bit too weary after a while. Flaunting sparks of a promising film maker every once in a while, it’s a movie that places its entire gamble on an innovative plot device, and partially wins.

Continue reading “Adventures of Omanakuttan (2017) Malayalam Movie Review by Veeyen”

Summer Loll @ KTDC Lake Palace, Thekkady!

I should admit that I was quite skeptical about venturing out to Thekkady, after a visit a good four years back had left me entirely exhausted. Almost everything about the place appeared chaotic back then, right from the queue for the entry pass into the Periyar Tiger Reserve to the celebrated boat ride that wasn’t any great shakes either.

The excellent reviews of the KTDC Lake Palace at Thekkady were however reason enough to give the place a chance, and I am glad that I gave it a try. The Lake Palace is luxury redefined, and that too right on a piece of land that juts out into the lake, away from the mainland, in the midst of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Continue reading “Summer Loll @ KTDC Lake Palace, Thekkady!”

Ramante Eden Thottam (2017) Malayalam Movie Review by Veeyen

The feminist ideologies that ‘Raamante Eden Thottam’ puts to the fore accentuate that life for a woman lies further beyond the restrictive realms of a despondent marriage. There is a fierce sense of gravity that shrouds the smile on Malini’s face as she steadily walks towards the camera in the final scene; and it is probably this bright moment that would make us overlook all those detracting blotches that had marked her long journey.

Veeyen review Ramante Eden Thottam Continue reading “Ramante Eden Thottam (2017) Malayalam Movie Review by Veeyen”