Kerala Cuisine: Thirontharam Njandu Dry Fry

Crab Roast RecipeMy dad has never had crabs till date, and keeps telling me he finds them disgusting, with all those creepy looking legs protruding out from all sides. That hasn’t really stopped me from trying out some real delicious ‘Njandu’ recipes, and each time I do, I elaborately elucidate him on what he has actually been missing out on.

Crabs are among the most delicious of all sea food, and though it takes quite a while to get them cleaned its all worth the effort. Table etiquette can go take a ride when it comes to eating crabs, and they require both your hands some times, though you would be too busy paying any attention to the number of fingers that are being used. Continue reading “Kerala Cuisine: Thirontharam Njandu Dry Fry”

Kerala Special: Pothu Kurumulakittu Ularthiyathu

Beef UlarthiyathuWhen it comes to meat recipes, nothing quite matches up to the awesome delicacies that are cooked at this small corner of the world. At the cost of sounding a bit too prejudiced, let me state that there are few meat recipes that perhaps quite match up to the exquisite delights that the Kerala cuisine boasts of.

Today, I have for you a very simple recipe that also has minimum hassle associated with it. I wouldn’t call myself impatient, but I guess I am one of those cooks who would get his work done in as little time as possible, and yet never compromising on the quality of the dish. Continue reading “Kerala Special: Pothu Kurumulakittu Ularthiyathu”

Seafood Delights: Naadan Koonthal Thenga Roast

squid koonthal kalamari roastI have always had this very special nose to sniff out some yummy sea food from kilometres away, and have not held myself back when it comes to hopping right into the kitchen to try out a new seafood recipe that springs to mind.

Squids (Koonthal or Kanava in this part of the world) have remained a favorite since time immemorial, and I still savor the memories of Kanava Thoran that Amma used to dish out when I was a kid. I used to be real amused by this deliciously rubbery thing that required quite a bit of chewing, and later when I started out my experiments with cuisine, discovered that its the over cooking that turns them into this adamantly untearable pieces of meat that they evolve into. Continue reading “Seafood Delights: Naadan Koonthal Thenga Roast”