Varnyathil Aashanka (2017) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

There are a few masterly strokes of the film maker that are on display in ‘Varnyathil Aashanka’ that point at how compelling a film it could actually have been. It’s a figure of speech that gets its act only partly right, and its hesitance to fully embrace its goofiness, renders it a much lesser movie than one anticipates it to be.

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Dosar (2006) Bengali Movie Short Review


A woman who walks into a hospital room starts airily talking of the flowers that  the guests leave behind, that eventually wilt and start letting off a musty fragrance. There is a dense weight that hangs on in the air, as she goes on and on even as those around her edgily shift around on their toes and try hard to concur with her through a nod, or an occasional smile.  Continue reading “Dosar (2006) Bengali Movie Short Review”

Parched (2015) Hindi Movie Short Review


Leena Yadav’s film is about women who have long accepted the injustice that has been meted out to them, and yet who do not think twice before making the grand escape, when they spot a door to liberty finally thrown open. It all seems a fantasy in the very final scene when the three friends buoyantly take to the streets, but then again, perhaps its the male mind that tends to disbelieve.  Continue reading “Parched (2015) Hindi Movie Short Review”