Don’t Breathe (2016) English Movie Short Review

As much as I dislike films that are almost entirely shot in the dark, I should admit that  the creepiness that some of them bring into their fold is admirable. Fede Alvarez’s ‘Dont Breathe’ has almost all of its action happening around the murky corners of a dimly lit old house in the dead of the night. Despite all this, I end up scared at least a couple of times, which is a good thing when it comes to films in this genre.

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Sausage Party (2016) English Movie Short Review

The grocery items at the super market Shopwell, begin each day with immense anticipation, hoping that some human shopper would come by and snatch them away on to the Great Beyond. Leading the tale is Frank, the sausage and his girl friend Brenda, the bun, who look forward to leading a merry life away from the grocery racks at Shopwell.

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