The Cakemaker (2017) German Movie Short Review


What do you do when someone who had finally made your lonesome life tick, disappears all on a sudden? What do you do with all the stony silence that remains? What do you do with the million unanswered questions that squirm around in your head? What do you do with all the bitterness, anger and numbness that ravages you from right within? Continue reading “The Cakemaker (2017) German Movie Short Review”

Scaffolding (2017) Israeli Movie Short Review


Asher (Asher Lax), in Matan Yair’s feature film directorial debut, is a fretful teenager with a penchant for causing trouble and grappling with multiple issues, his studies¬† being just one among them. When Rami (Ami Smolarchik) walks into his class as his teacher in literature, Asher finds his attitudes and beliefs questioned, and in no time rediscovers an interest in learning.¬† Continue reading “Scaffolding (2017) Israeli Movie Short Review”