The Hunting Ground (2015) English Docu Short Review

Written and directed by Kirby Dick, ‘The Hunting Ground’ is a powerful indictment on sexual assault on college campuses across the United States. Without doubt one of the most devastating exposes on campus rapes, ‘The Hunting Ground’ puts the spot light on one of the most under-discussed crimes in the country.

Kirby Dick brings together footage of first hand testimonies of victims and follows them as they strive to bring the perpetrators to book. Certainly not an easy watch; this, as they recount their harrowing experiences and their journey to hell and back.

‘The Hunting Ground’ literally astounds you with some of its revelations, and the documentary takes its theme head on. There are also quite a few nasty surprises in store, as it vehemently lays out in the open, institutional passivity in several of the discussed cases.

This isn’t a story that is easily told, as is evident in the documentary, and one could probably suggest that Dick leans a bit too much towards a side. But then, ‘The Hunting Ground’ has quite an unambiguous statement to make; and it does so, quite brazenly.

Verdict: Engrossing Watch

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