Catfight (2016) English Movie Short Review

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They call it a ‘black and blue comedy’, and with ample reason to do so. Sandra Oh and Anne Heche star  in this film directed by Onur Tukel, that captures a strange and bloody rivalry between two women that lasts a life.

Its obvious that this isn’t your typical indie film, and Tukel puts in abundant risks to chronicle how destructive human emotions could turn out to be. This is a no-holds-barred affair, with the two adversaries going for it tooth and nail, neither willing to give up, nor intending to call it a day.

There isn’t an earth shaking plot that underlies the whole animosity, and the film shocks you on account of its pluck and recklessness. As Veronica and Ashley punch and knock each other out, days give way to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. While everything else changes, only the spite remains.

‘Catfight’ is all gory, when it comes to the fight scenes and it could get tough to watch someone mercilessly get mashed up into pulp. As the two women take turns to cough up blood, you wait for the final knockout blow that never really arrives. Perhaps not a wonder either ,given its slightly wobbly build up.

Verdict: Blood Smeared Comedy

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