Enough Said (2013) English Movie Short Review

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus in an endearingly comic role, is a delight to watch in her film ‘Enough Said’, directed by Nicole Holofcener. Playing the middle aged single mom on the lookout for a prospective male company, she plays Eva in the film, a masseuse, who hasn’t had much luck with men.

There are any number of stunning one-liners through out the film, some of which stay with you, long after the film has come to an end. And there is also the charming James Gandolfini as Albert, the slightly overweight, bear of a man whom Eva falls for, with an allergy towards onions and who (only) cooks eggplants in mozzarella.

‘Enough Said’ is all about perspectives, and their transformation that could at times prove detrimental. The supporting characters that Holofcener lines up are an impressive bunch, be it Chloe (Tavi Gevinson) – close friend to Eva’s daughter – who keeps frequenting their place, or Marianne (Catherine Keener), successful poet and Albert’s ex-wife.

The director, who herself has scripted the film, puts across a highly amicable statement  on human relationships. It has very lively, likeable men and women in it who despite all their shortcomings, assure you that joy exists and that all is indeed well with the world.

Verdict: Delightful Comedy

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