Gleason (2016) English Docu Short Review

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For most of us out there, ALS – Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – remains an alien term, until you settle down to watch ‘Gleason’, the much acclaimed documentary on the life of the former New Orleans Saints football defensive back, Steve Gleason.

‘Gleason’ is a film that tremendously moves you, as much as it hits you deep and profound. This is a life that certainly is not an easy watch, and as Gleason fights to give it back to the disease that threatens to progressively overpower him, it emerges a motivational piece of hitherto unobserved scales.

It is a devastating decline that Gleason encounters, and as time passes by, the man finds himself being steadily drawn down into a hell hole from which there is no return. His indomitable resolve keeps him hanging on, and director Clay Tweel comes up with a gem that would inspire tens of thousands of ALS patients across the world.

‘Gleason’ will also be remembered for its unflinching take on human relationships, and Steve’s wife Michel Rae Varisco and son Rivers complete the family picture, as together they struggle through extremely testing times. Even as it gets increasingly bleak with every passing minute, ‘Gleason’ would forever be remembered as a heartrending testament to the unassailable human spirit.

Verdict: Must-Watch

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