Les Saisons (2015) French Movie Short Review

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Through their film ‘Le Saisons’, Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud proffer any number of instances that allow the viewers to be enthralled by the sheer grandeur of nature, and the sights that it beholds. Running for ninety seven minutes, ‘Le Saisons’ is a nature documentary that is unlike anything else that I have seen.

Its a long journey that the film makers take us along on, from the Ice Ages to the present age; from the days when the earth was all covered with ice and then forests and then the gradual and yet definite intervention of the human race.

‘Les Saisons’ is a monumental work with spellbinding cinematography by Éric Guichard, Michel Benjamin and Laurent Fleutot. And it has an engrossing tale to tell, through spectacular images that strikingly capture nature at its very best and worst.

There are even extensive strips of silence sans narration and the film  simply lets nature have its way. ‘Les Saisons’ towers over its contemporaries in terms of visual brilliance and the picture time line that it so efficiently draws; it is cinema that speaks so little and yet conveys tons more than what words could possibly put across.

Verdict: Brilliant

Image Courtesy: Unifrance.org

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