The Mule (2014) English Movie Short Review

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Set in 1983, ‘The Mule’, directed by Tony Mahony and Angus Sampson, follows Ray Jenkins, a televison repairman, who returns to Asutralia after a visit to Thailand, with a few heroine filled condoms resting in his stomach. At the Melbourne airport, trouble awaits for the first time smuggler, and he is detained by the customs officials.

Its a long wait that follows, with the cops waiting for ten long days and Jenkins simply refusing to push it out. There are plenty of genuinely hilarious scenes in store, as the pressure gradually keeps mounting on the man, to give a shit! 😛 😀

In one particularly horrific scene, Jenkins is forced to do the unthinkable, that makes you reach out for your puke bag. And yet, ‘The Mule’ is a film that repeatedly impresses you on account of the literally filthy twists and turns in its plot.

There are excellent performances as well, from Sampson, one of the directors himself as Jenkins, as well as a host of other actors who play the resilient cops. ‘The Mule’ is deftly directed and finely acted; a film that takes toilet hilairty on to the next level.

Verdict: Gut Wrenching Fun

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