Obvious Child (2014) English Movie Short Review

Life isn’t easy for Donna (Jenny Slate), a comic who has just been dumped by her boyfriend, and who finds herself unemployed all on a sudden. A chance encounter with Max (Jake Lacy) ends on the bed, and a few weeks later, Donna realizes that she is pregnant!

Gillian Robspierre’s screenplay is one that has a sprightliness all about it, even as its protagonist frantically struggles through a marshland of disappointments. And this paradox works, with its terribly confused and endearingly weird female lead throwing one surprise after another, right on our face.

The comedy in the film is one that would bring in mixed reactions, and as Donna’s mom responds in a particular scene, she uses her incredibly high SAT scores to talk to an audience about diarrhea in her pants. But the fun is there, without doubt.

‘Obvious Child’ belongs to Jenny Slate, and her no-holds-barred performance that easily makes her a character you would reach out to, even if you are one of those who wouldn’t miss not having known her in life. And if not anything else, ‘Obvious Child’  is a refreshing film that refuses to conform to gender stereotypes.

Verdict: Good

Image Courtesy: ObviousChildMovie.Tumblr.com

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