Other People (2016) English Movie Short Review

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Chris Kelly surprises us time and again , with some incredibly crisp writing in the film ‘Other People’ that stars Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon in key roles. A semi-autogprahical take on the director’s own family, ‘Other People’ is a heart warming comedy-drama.

While Shannon plays Joanne, battling with cancer, Plemons plays her gay son David, who is back home to Sacramento to look after his mother. The two actors outdo each other repeatedly, in two performances that are fabulously synchronized.

While Joanne finds her life turned upside down by an ailment that refuses to go away, David has a few past demons and several current ones to deal with. There is also the strained and awkward relationship that he shares with his dad to worry about, ever since he had come out a decade back.

Through remarkably penned scenes, ‘Other People’ talks of how death, or the impending slow descend towards an end, is always someone else’s business until it actually happens to you. Heartrending and comical by turns, its a fantastic film that is delightful to the core.

Verdict: Excellent

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