Sausage Party (2016) English Movie Short Review

The grocery items at the super market Shopwell, begin each day with immense anticipation, hoping that some human shopper would come by and snatch them away on to the Great Beyond. Leading the tale is Frank, the sausage and his girl friend Brenda, the bun, who look forward to leading a merry life away from the grocery racks at Shopwell.

One long look at Brenda, and it strikes you that this is no ordinary animation film, and when the sausage and the bun get talking, it looks like there is no stopping them. Raunchy to the core, ‘Sausage Party’ teems with adult humour, some of which scores spot on, while some others hit you slightly below the belt (pun unintended).

Your idea of entertainment will certainly determine how much excitement you are going to have at the ‘Sausage Party’, and it goes without saying that it will certainly not be every one’s idea of fun.

There is incessant swearing and tons of obscene language, and also the long line of adult jokes that are dropped along the way. And yet the idea is what surprises us the most about ‘Sausage Party’ and how human attributes are so marvelously extended to the items on a grocery list.

Verdict: Raunchy Comedy

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