Snails in the Rain (2013) Israeli Movie Short Review

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Israeli film maker Yariv Mozer dabbles with sexuality in his film ‘Snails in the Rain’, and comes up with a redolent piece of film making. Based on a short story, ‘Snails in the Rain’ demonstrates how easily conventional sexual prototypes could be broken down.

Set in Tel Aviv in the late 80’s, Boaz, a young and handsome university student (Yoav Reuveni) finds his blissful life torn apart, when he starts receiving love letters from an unknown male admirer. Unable to come to terms with his harangued conscience, Boaz gasps for breath, even as his girl friend watches on haplessly.

I am yet to see another performance of Yoav Reuveni, but the kind of sensitivity that he brings in to the portrayal of Boaz is way too ahead of what one would expect of a debut performance. There is also the director himself in a key role.

There aren’t the customary chestnuts lying around in ‘Snails in the Rain’, and there is the very obvious intention on the part of the film maker to refrain from offering judgments. This is a bold take on love, machismo and sexuality, and as such is a film that merits a watch.

Verdict: Good

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