Zootopia (2016) English Movie Short Review

Walt Disney’s critical and commercial runaway hit in 2016, ‘Zootopia’ has in the lead role, Judy Hopps, a white bunny who is a new recruit at the Zootopia police department. Teaming up with the red fox, Nick Wilde, Judy sets out on a mission to find the missing Mr. Emmitt Otterton.

Probably ‘Zootopia’ would rank among the best films to have come out from Disney, and it surprisingly has a much more detailed political terrain than one would expect of an animation film that tells a plain story and that has animals for its characters.

There are things which seem and sound impossible, or improbable perhaps, and yet the films throws in plenty of surprises our way! The bunny as the firebrand detective goes on a burn-down-your-prejudices assignment with admirable results. This is also the reason why adults will fall in love with this film.

Oh, and the kids are bound to love it as well, with there never being a compromise on the entertainment element. There is a cheery roller coaster ride on offer here, and ‘Zootopia’ so furtively delivers its message among all the mirth and fun.

Verdict: Fun Ride

 Image Courtesy: CartoonBros.com

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