Thottappan (2019) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

‘Thottappan’ is a bittersweet film that appeals to you on several levels and yet leaves you wanting for more. The performances are outstanding and there are several moments that you would carry back home with you, but you would also wish that it had not stuck to the template that you have by now, grown so familiar with.

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Ishq (2019) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

‘Ishq’ marks the arrival of another gifted film maker on the scene, who presents before us a fascinating study on how the human mind ticks, when pushed to exceptionally extreme limits and beyond. A brutal exercise that blatantly confronts a very pertinent social issue, ‘Ishq’ is a film that is so difficult to endure, and which yet, should be undeniably endured.

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Private Life (2018) English Movie Short Review

Image Source: Netflix

It’s literally impossible to merely look at Tamara Jenkin’s ‘Private Life’ as a poignant, yet hilarious account of a couple striving hard to start a family, late starters though they seem to be. ‘Private Life’ is much, much more, and presents a vivid dissection of a relationship that is stretched and strained in all possible ways before they get to see each other for what they truly are. Continue reading “Private Life (2018) English Movie Short Review”

Capernaum (2018) Arabic Movie Short Review

Image Source: Sony Pictures Classics

Nadine Labaki’s ‘Capernaun’ is  a one-of-a-kind film set in the slums of Beirut, where a twelve year old boy named Zain, serving a five year sentence at the Roumieh Prison sues his parents for having ‘brought him into the world’. A tale of infancy robbed of all its innocence, ‘Capernaum’ is a harrowing film that dwells on the injustice meted out to hundreds of thousands of deprived children across the world. Continue reading “Capernaum (2018) Arabic Movie Short Review”

The Boy who Harnessed the Wind (2019) English Movie Short Review

The Boy who Harnessed the Wind English Movie Short Review
Image Source: Netflix

In a government storage house in Malawi, a thirteen year old boy sits with a hard earned bag of grain held close, as a not so lucky and extremely perilous mob that has gathered outside threatens to smash down the doors and barge in. The guards have no other option but to throw open the doors and instruct the ones inside to run for their lives when they do. Continue reading “The Boy who Harnessed the Wind (2019) English Movie Short Review”

The End of the Tour (2015) English Movie Short Review

The End of the Tour - English - Movie - Short - Review- Veeyen

And quite by chance I come across this gem of a tiny movie on Netflix, titled ‘The End of the Tour’, wherein two young men in their thirties – David Foster Wallace, much acclaimed writer and David Lipsky of the Rolling Stone – engage in some brilliant, revelatory conversations as to what it means to be a writer, to be famous, and above all, to be human. Continue reading “The End of the Tour (2015) English Movie Short Review”

Super Deluxe (2019) Tamil Movie Review – Veeyen

Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s ‘Super Deluxe’ is a riveting and dexterously observed noir piece that spawns a sense of unease on its viewers with an unnerving subtlety. Building on the terror further, it pulls open a wardrobe of disquieting truths – on gender roles, fidelity, faith, morality and several others – that tumble down in heaps and bundles all around us. A bolstering black comedy that is also a twitchy exploration of tormented human lives, it is an exciting and excruciating film that would leave you squirming in the best possible ways.

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