Dora: Nayanthara’s New Tryst with Horror!

Dora NayantharaIts not been long since Nayanthara earned rave reviews for her performance in the film ‘Maya’, that also went on to become a blockbuster. Directed by Ashwin Saravanan, the film released worldwide on 17 September 2015, simultaneously as Maya in Tamil and Mayuri in Telugu and went on to shatter the box office collections that year. Continue reading “Dora: Nayanthara’s New Tryst with Horror!”

Kochi Pazhaya Kochi Alla: Bhavana’s Harrowing Nighmare!

BhavanaIn a shocking incident yesterday, actor Bhavana who was returning to Cochin after a film shoot at Thrissur, was allegedly harassed by a group of miscreants who forced themselves into her car near Angamaly. With conflicting reports on the incident flooding the internet, we would know what exactly happened, only after Bhavana herself talks to the media. Continue reading “Kochi Pazhaya Kochi Alla: Bhavana’s Harrowing Nighmare!”

To be or Not to be: The WhatsApp Group Dilemmas!

WhatsApp GroupsMy entry to the WhatsApp world was belated, and a wee bit hesitant since I was clueless as to what I was getting into, and I have this inherent distrust of things that I am not familiar with. However, there comes a point when you start hating to start a conversation with people, since you know that they are gonna put up that ‘WTF’ expression on their faces pretty soon and blink their eyes in disbelief when you tell them that you are not on WhatsApp. It was just a matter of time hence for my curiosity to get the better of me, and the universal green circle icon found a place on my phone as well. Continue reading “To be or Not to be: The WhatsApp Group Dilemmas!”

Ezra (2017) Malayalam Movie Review by Veeyen

The urban unease that is unleashed in ‘Ezra’ is one that lurks around dark corners, and as the couple frantically tries to tide over the terror that has taken over their lives, they realize that fear finally has a meaning. Eerie and unsettling by turns, ‘Ezra’ is a chilling feature that is deftly directed, splendidly acted and elegantly shot.

Ezra Review VeeyenWhat makes ‘Ezra’ decidedly dissimilar to the horror flicks in Malayalam is that the fear in it for once, is no silly business. An exorcism drama that dwells on a much recognizable theme and quite identifiable plot devices, Jay K’s ‘Ezra’ nonetheless emerges the most intensely shot horror film in Malayalam till date. Continue reading “Ezra (2017) Malayalam Movie Review by Veeyen”

That Freak Voice in ‘Oru Mexican Aparatha’!

Oru Mexicam AparathaOf late, my interest in films on campus politics has waned, precisely because of all the inflated glorification that one gets to see in them. Exceptions are always welcome, though the trailer of ‘Oru Mexican Aparatha’ directed by Tom Immatti, looks like it has the red flag royally flying all over it. But then with a title as that, what else does one expect? Continue reading “That Freak Voice in ‘Oru Mexican Aparatha’!”

An Academy, a Principal, a Strike and a City at a Standstill!

law academy protestThe kind of high voltage drama that has materialized at the Kerala Law Academy premises at Trivandrum, is one that would give any sociopolitical thriller a run for its money. Its been almost four weeks since a student protest had ensued at the campus, and slowly but surely the waves of revolt have spread out all over the city, bringing at least a small part of it to a standstill.

Its been quite a dramatic week, with the Students Federation of India making a theatrical exit from the strike last week, while the majority of the protestors including the ones under the other three major student unions – KSU, ABVP and AISF – made it quite evident that they consider the compromise pact arrived at, between the SFI and the college management, a mere sham. Accordingly, they have further intensified the protest movement, with even more affecting consequences. Continue reading “An Academy, a Principal, a Strike and a City at a Standstill!”

The 40’s and the Uncle Syndrome!

fortySo one fine morning you turn 40. You wake up just as you always do, and realize that you could very easily mistake the sunlight streaming in through the window pane for the morning before, or the morning after. The bed sheets appear ruffled as they usually do, your hair, or rather what is left of it, looks disheveled, and your mouth tastes weird.

The first thing that I probably did when I touched 40 was to look up a few positive quotes about life on the internet. Soon, I meet up with a close friend, who gives me one hard look up and down, shrugs and with a peculiar nod of his head, states that ‘life begins at 40’. I tell him that despite his optimism, he does not sound that confident. Continue reading “The 40’s and the Uncle Syndrome!”