Aby (2017) Malayalam Movie Review by Veeyen

‘Aby’ is a film that does display tremendous visual craft, and the style is inarguably there. However, beneath all that panache, is a lumbering tale that runs a time-honored route with its wheels falling off along the way.

Aby Malayalam Movie reviewOne gets to see a meadow full of blue spring blooms, as the curtains are raised in Srikant Murali’s ‘Aby’, and a boy runs across it, finally driving a dragonfly, perched on a small flower, onto a flight. As the tiny insect takes to the air, the boy looks at it wonder eyed, spreading his arms sideways and fluttering them as if they were wings. Continue reading “Aby (2017) Malayalam Movie Review by Veeyen”

Will ‘the victim’ be served justice beyond the FB hashtags?

This isn’t the first time that a woman has been abducted, molested and assaulted and from the looks of it, it certainly will not be the last either.  2016 saw the horrendous atrocities meted out to Jisha, while 2012 saw Nirbhaya and the unmentionable brutalities that she had to endure. Now as the new year dawns, we hear of a young actress, and how she has been mercilessly attacked by a group of men in a moving car, as it sped along the streets of Kochi for two hours. Continue reading “Will ‘the victim’ be served justice beyond the FB hashtags?”

Mollywood rallies behind the assaulted actor in support!

The assaulted actor, who has lodged a police complaint after a group of assailants barged into her car, assaulted her and took pictures and videos, has found tremendous support from her colleagues in Mollywood. Scores of people have also rallied behind her on the social media and have demanded that  the culprits be brought to book immediately. Continue reading “Mollywood rallies behind the assaulted actor in support!”

Kochi Pazhaya Kochi Alla: Bhavana’s Harrowing Nighmare!

BhavanaIn a shocking incident yesterday, actor Bhavana who was returning to Cochin after a film shoot at Thrissur, was allegedly harassed by a group of miscreants who forced themselves into her car near Angamaly. With conflicting reports on the incident flooding the internet, we would know what exactly happened, only after Bhavana herself talks to the media. Continue reading “Kochi Pazhaya Kochi Alla: Bhavana’s Harrowing Nighmare!”