Argo (2012) English Movie Short Review

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Granted that the Argo operation in Ben Affleck’s directorial debut seems too easy and uncomplicated to be true, but when you are told that it based on a true story, do not be surprised if your hair stands up on its ends. This 2012 film is not just a directorial success, but also show cases Affleck’s potentials as an actor as well as that of several other lesser known faces.

Affleck plays Tony Mendez in the film, a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency exfiltration specialist, who is sent on an assignment to Iran in 1979, following the storming of the US embassy in Iran by locals, and sixty embassy officials held hostage. Six of them however manage to sneak out and seek refuge at the house of the Canadian ambassador, and Mendez arrives in Iran under the guise of a Hollywood film producer with a seemingly implausible plan to get the six of them out of the country.

‘Argo’ has enough thriller moments in it that will have you glued to your seats, and the final twenty minutes in particular are a thrill ride. There might be diverse opinions about the political correctness of the piece, but it goes without saying that Affleck’s film is gripping to the core, and emerges a spellbinding spy thriller whichever way you look at it.

Verdict: Good

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