Klaus (2019) English Movie Short Review

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I caught up with Sergio Pablos’ much acclaimed work ‘Klaus’ on the first day of the national lockdown following the Covid- 19 pandemic, and wasn’t I glad that I chose this little gem of an animation film? Whoever thought that the legend of Santa Claus would find itself a luscious version as the one that Pablos has come up with!?

‘Klaus’ is without doubt a highly appealing tale that has Jesper Johansson (Jason Shwartzman) occupying the central stage as an indolent youngster who is packed off as a postman to Smeerensburg by his affluent dad, hoping that his son would finally learn what life is all about. At the spooky island where men and women would slay each other at the drop of a hat, Jesper is left with no other choice but to complete his seemingly impossible task of posting six-thousand letters within a year. And in the process he strikes up a camaraderie with Klaus (J.K. Simmons), an old loner woodsman with a penchant for making toys and even discovers love as he runs into Alva (Rashida Jones), the teacher who had turned a fishmonger with none of the kids turning up at school.

Loaded with light humour and plenty of adorable moments, this revisionist take on a much treasured myth will find takers among young viewers and adults alike. There is also no denying the spirit of hope that shines throughout, making ‘Klaus’ a delightful sleigh ride, and elevating it much more than the level of a Christmas classic.

Verdict: Good

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