Udaan (2010) Hindi Movie Short Review

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Vikramaditya Motwane’s ‘Udaan’, speaks a lot and yet it is the unspoken bits that abound aplenty that make it a momentous film. Deftly directed and delightfully penned, it is as much a visceral examination of domestic abuse as it is a gut-wrenching coming-of-age tale. ‘Udaan’ is a persuasively atmospheric film that lures you straight into its  fold.

Rohan (Rajat Barmecha) is seventeen, thrown out of school and at the cross roads, when the only choice that he has, is to head back to his hometown where he knows his abusive dad (Ronit Roy) wouldn’t be too pleased to have him back. What surprises him though is the presence of a younger brother, six year old Arjun (Aayan Boradia), whom he never even knew existed!

There are ample instances of the directorial flourish on show, and Motwane keeps it low, and progressively builds on the silences and the sighs, as he gently unravels a power tussle between dad and son, where dreams remain at stake at one end. There is an absolute restraint that the film indulges in, quite akin to the kind expressed by its lead character, that so admirably conceals the storm that brews within.

This is a film where the actors pitch their roles perfectly, and they – be it the incredibly talented Rajat Barmecha, the ever so dependable Ronit Roy in a brooding avatar or the downright adorable Aayan Boradia who lights up the whole screen with a toothy smile in the final frame – turn in outstanding performances. There is also Ram Kapoor in the role of Rohan’s chacha, who comes up with an impressive feat.

Verdict: Good

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