Ramaleela (2017) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

Arun Gopi’s debut film ‘Ramaleela’ stringently adheres to the requisites of a political thriller , and weaves a tapestry of recognized scenarios to keep the exigencies in check. He is let down by the writing though, where a palpable plot that starts off pretty well meanders into a course that offers much less cheer.

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Georgettan’s Pooram (2017) Malayalam Movie Review by Veeyen

‘Georgettan’s Pooram’ is a festive film that has its crackers bursting all over the place, hoping to enthuse its viewers with a glittery show of sound and colours. The show over, its blankness becomes way too apparent, and only the distant reverberations of the blasts and bangs and the pungent odour of the smoke remain.

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