Street Lights (2018) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

Shamdat decides to go for a partly experimental account in ‘Street Lights’, but gets stuck with mostly one-dimensional characters in underdeveloped situations. With an add-on climax that goes on a few minutes even after all the action has come to a close, ‘Street Lights’ seems and sounds a bit too contrived to be real.

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Aana Alaralodalaral (2017) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

‘Aana Alaralodalaral’ tries to make the best of what it has, but the sad thing is it doesn’t have much, and the little it has, has an outmoded air to it. The ultimate result of this trumpet that lasts for a couple of hours but which seems and sounds much longer, is nothing but mediocrity, and that too, stacks of it.  

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