Share your Happiness – That boy smile in the Double Horse ad!

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Every now and then comes an ad that perks up your spirits a bit, and the latest Double Horse ad that features actor Shobhana and two charming little kids is one such!

Double Horse Ad

Quite a simple idea that has been shot elegantly, the ad features a mom who packs chapathi jam rolls for her daughter’s lunch. The young girl on her way to school, comes across the istriwala’s son who is even younger to her, and offers him the delicacies. He is quick to grab both of the rolled chapathis, and there by leaves her without lunch for the day. The next day, the girl does the same, but is surprised to see two extra chapathis in the lunch box. She looks up at her apartment and sees her mom waving at her from the balcony.

While both the child actors are remarkably good, the young boy, with that sparkle in his eyes that soon ebbs over into curiosity and joy as the lunch box is opened, is easily one of the most adorable kids that I have seen in recent times.

Sad that I couldn’t find the people behind the ad, but kudos to the entire team for sharing this tiny bundle of happiness.