Why the Vicks Ad Campaign Cares and Cures!

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Vicks Ad TransgenderTime for a standing ovation, for Publicis Singapore, the amazing team behind the new ad for P&G’s Vicks that has been entitled ‘Touch of Care’. And here is why I think, this astounding ad campaign cares and cures in ways more than one!

The campaign features a young girl Gayatri, who is currently being raised by her mother Gauri Sawant, ever since the former had turned an orphan ten years back. Looking out of a speeding bus on a bright sunny day, Gayatri remembers as to how her mother had walked into her life, when her real mother had passed away.

What makes the ad extremely special are the twin issues that it deals with and so vehemently explores in its short running time of three minutes. Gauri Sawant is a transgender, who her daughter admits had had to pass through several storms in her life. There is also the question of adoption and single parenthood that the ad gently unveils before the viewer, and as it draws to a close, Gayatri affirms that she will become a lawyer instead of a doctor, to ensure that her mother has all the rights that everyone else has.

Directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, here is an ad that at once cares and cures. It cures a bigoted society of a view that holds the transgender population in extreme contempt, and shows that it truly cares through a stringent exhortation for equal rights for all.

As Gauri Sawant walks away on the final shot, angst and determination writ large on her face, the questions that she leaves behind are many. With the social networks and the Twitterati instantly warming up before this heart rending advertisement, let’s hope it serves a highly justified cause. Kudos Neeraj, and your entire team!