Will ‘the victim’ be served justice beyond the FB hashtags?

This isn’t the first time that a woman has been abducted, molested and assaulted and from the looks of it, it certainly will not be the last either.  2016 saw the horrendous atrocities meted out to Jisha, while 2012 saw Nirbhaya and the unmentionable brutalities that she had to endure. Now as the new year dawns, we hear of a young actress, and how she has been mercilessly attacked by a group of men in a moving car, as it sped along the streets of Kochi for two hours. Continue reading “Will ‘the victim’ be served justice beyond the FB hashtags?”

To be or Not to be: The WhatsApp Group Dilemmas!

WhatsApp GroupsMy entry to the WhatsApp world was belated, and a wee bit hesitant since I was clueless as to what I was getting into, and I have this inherent distrust of things that I am not familiar with. However, there comes a point when you start hating to start a conversation with people, since you know that they are gonna put up that ‘WTF’ expression on their faces pretty soon and blink their eyes in disbelief when you tell them that you are not on WhatsApp. It was just a matter of time hence for my curiosity to get the better of me, and the universal green circle icon found a place on my phone as well. Continue reading “To be or Not to be: The WhatsApp Group Dilemmas!”

The Age of Artists and Assaults!

The extent of freedom that is attributed to an artist, takes into consideration their insights, and here is where the precise demarcation between ‘artistic freedom’ and ‘freedom of art’ exists. It is assumed however, that a democracy lets the artist enjoy both, and when it is curtailed, they cry foul, demanding that censorship of all kinds be eradicated once and for all. Continue reading “The Age of Artists and Assaults!”

Will Major Ravi be back with ‘1971: Beyond Borders’?

With Mohanlal releasing the first look poster of the Major Ravi film ‘1971: Beyond Borders’, a day back, there have been discussions galore as to whether the film would mark the comeback of its director Major Ravi. Ravi has been on a walk downhill, what with his recent films like ‘Picket 43’ and ‘Karma Yodha’ not rising up to the expected mark. Continue reading “Will Major Ravi be back with ‘1971: Beyond Borders’?”