Strong Island (2017) English Documentary Short Review

How does it feel to have someone whom you hold close to your heart snatched away only to be brutally murdered? How does it feel to think of the pain that he must have possibly endured while being shot and struggling for life? How does life feel after he is gone, leaving behind an irrevocable vacuum, reminding you every day that life will never be the same again? Continue reading “Strong Island (2017) English Documentary Short Review”

Chasing Coral (2017) English Documentary Short Review

The best thing about the lockdown has been the discovery of a series of documentary gems that are available all over the internet, and Netflix’s ‘Chasing Coral’ is the latest addition to my favourite list. Corals have always remained a fascinating subject not just to marine biologists and underwater photographers, but also to novices like me who had quit reading biology ever since high school. Continue reading “Chasing Coral (2017) English Documentary Short Review”

Amanda Knox (2016) English Documentary Short Review

Perugia, the quaint little Italian town, forms the setting as much for the film (directed by  Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn) as it is for the ‘nightmare’ that Amanda Knox, in her own words endured in Italy, being a barely twenty year old young woman, who was convicted and later acquitted on charges of having allegedly murdered her roommate Meredith Ketcher. Continue reading “Amanda Knox (2016) English Documentary Short Review”

Abducted in Plain Sight (2016) English Documentary Short Review

There would be several occasions in the course of watching ‘Abducted in Plain Sight’, when you would pause the play button and contemplate on whether what you are watching is indeed a true event. A few random Google searches later, you return to watch the rest of it, as implausible as the whole idea of it seems. Continue reading “Abducted in Plain Sight (2016) English Documentary Short Review”

Searching for Sugarman (2012) English Documentary Short Review

It’s been a while since I watched ‘Searching for Sugarman’, on the recommendation of a dear friend, and decided to go for it once again, these lockdown days. Malik Bendjelloul’s documentary on Rodriguez, strikes you more as an investigative cinematic piece into the life of a man about whom very little is known, and boy, the rewards that it holds for you as a viewer, are nothing short of exceptional. Continue reading “Searching for Sugarman (2012) English Documentary Short Review”

The Keepers (2018) English Documentary Short Review

Ryan White’s docu-series on Netflix, ‘The Keepers’ is nothing short of explosive stuff. It follows two determined women, Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Fitzgerald Schaub – former students of a nun named Catherine Cesnik at Baltimore’s Archbishop Keough High School, who strive hard to find out what actually happened on the night of November 7, 1969, when the nun disappeared, only to be found murdered a couple of months later on January 3, 1970, near a garbage dump in the Baltimore suburb of Lansdowne. Continue reading “The Keepers (2018) English Documentary Short Review”

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez (2020) English Documentary Series Short Review

Having never been a follower of American football, Aaron Hernandez was certainly not a name that I was familiar with. That said, Geno McDermott’s much acclaimed Netflix series ‘Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez’ easily has to be one of the best documentaries that I have ever seen, and one that scores equally well on form as well as finish. Continue reading “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez (2020) English Documentary Series Short Review”

After Porn Ends (2012) English Documentary Short Review

If you ever wondered what happens to those faces on porn and where they actually disappear after a career that lasts often for barely a couple of years, Bryce Wagoner’s documentary has a few answers. Focusing on a few highly popular porn stars who are way past their heydays, Wagoner examines what it means to have a life after porn. Continue reading “After Porn Ends (2012) English Documentary Short Review”

Rubaru Roshni (2019) English Documentary Review – Veeyen

‘Rubaru Roshni’ is a stark reminder of the arbitrary ways traversed by the human mind and its immense potentiality to heal and be healed. Brimming with subtle nuances it narrates three heart wrenching tales that should serve as visceral memoirs of the immense power to forgive, if not to forget, and the indomitable goodness that we all sport within.

Continue reading “Rubaru Roshni (2019) English Documentary Review – Veeyen”