The Gift (2015) English Movie Short Review

Joel Edgerton’s remarkable debut ‘The Gift’ has an unnerving eeriness to it, that is unlike so many other films that fall into the genre. As Simon Callem (Jason Bateman) and his wife Robyn (Rebecca Hall) move in to their new house in a suburb in Chicago, they run into Simon’s old classmate from school, Gordon Mosely (Joel Edgerton). Gordon strikes the couple as an odd bag, and soon start stalking them, and that too, Robyn realizes, for a reason.

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XX (2017) English Film Short Review

XX film
Image Courtesy: Trailer Addict

‘XX’ is a horror omnibus film with a tagline that goes ‘four deadly tales directed by four killer women’. Women film makers Roxanne Benjamin, Annie Clark, Karyn Kusama and Jovanka Vuckovi, direct four films entitled ‘Don’t Fall’, ‘The Birthday Party’, ‘Her Only Living Son’ and ‘The Box’ respectively, while Sofia Carrilo frames the anthology in stop motion animated segments. Continue reading “XX (2017) English Film Short Review”

Lion (2016) English Film Short Review

Lion English Movie ReviewGarth Davis’ much acclaimed biographical film was surprisingly a middle key affair for me, that shifts its tenor from the riveting to the prosaic and then back again to the gripping towards the climax.  As much as it remains that it’s an evocative piece that’s lifted straight out of life, there is no denying that the intensity that it sets out to achieve is strangely diluted as the film progresses beyond the first hour. Continue reading “Lion (2016) English Film Short Review”