Why Surabhi deserves all support in the Paliyekkara Toll Plaza issue!

Image Courtesy: Oneindia.com

Ever since National Award winning actor Surabhi Lakshmi went Live on Facebook yesterday, and reacted against the dreadful experience that she had to endure along with several other motorists at the Paliyekkara Toll Plaza, varied responses have started pouring in. While the actor has been mostly lauded for what she had done, there have also been a few brickbats that were thrown her way. Continue reading “Why Surabhi deserves all support in the Paliyekkara Toll Plaza issue!”

Vinayakan Out, ‘Rustom’ Akshay Kumar In: The National Bolt Award from the Blue!

Opinions might vary regarding Tinu Suresh Desai’s Bollywood flick ‘Rustom’ that was loosely based on the Nanavati murder case. While critics remained quite mixed in their judgement of the film, ‘Rustom’ went on to become one of the blockbusters that Bollywood saw last year.

However, the 64th National Awards that were declared today, had a shocker in store with Akshay Kumar, the lead actor in ‘Rustom’ declared as the Best Actor. Akshay Kumar surprisingly leaves behind several other noteworthy performances, the most touted one being that of Malayalam actor Vinayakan in Rajeev Ravi’s ‘Kammattippadam’; a raw and delightfully coarse feat,  that had fetched him the State Award for Best Actor. Continue reading “Vinayakan Out, ‘Rustom’ Akshay Kumar In: The National Bolt Award from the Blue!”

An Academy, a Principal, a Strike and a City at a Standstill!

law academy protestThe kind of high voltage drama that has materialized at the Kerala Law Academy premises at Trivandrum, is one that would give any sociopolitical thriller a run for its money. Its been almost four weeks since a student protest had ensued at the campus, and slowly but surely the waves of revolt have spread out all over the city, bringing at least a small part of it to a standstill.

Its been quite a dramatic week, with the Students Federation of India making a theatrical exit from the strike last week, while the majority of the protestors including the ones under the other three major student unions – KSU, ABVP and AISF – made it quite evident that they consider the compromise pact arrived at, between the SFI and the college management, a mere sham. Accordingly, they have further intensified the protest movement, with even more affecting consequences. Continue reading “An Academy, a Principal, a Strike and a City at a Standstill!”

The 40’s and the Uncle Syndrome!

fortySo one fine morning you turn 40. You wake up just as you always do, and realize that you could very easily mistake the sunlight streaming in through the window pane for the morning before, or the morning after. The bed sheets appear ruffled as they usually do, your hair, or rather what is left of it, looks disheveled, and your mouth tastes weird.

The first thing that I probably did when I touched 40 was to look up a few positive quotes about life on the internet. Soon, I meet up with a close friend, who gives me one hard look up and down, shrugs and with a peculiar nod of his head, states that ‘life begins at 40’. I tell him that despite his optimism, he does not sound that confident. Continue reading “The 40’s and the Uncle Syndrome!”

Hyposmia and the Lost World of Smells!

They tell me ‘hyposmia’ is the word, when I inform them that I have been experiencing a decreased sense of smell over the last several years. It isn’t quite an easy life, especially when you don’t have a clue as to how you smell like after having sprayed yourself all over with a can of cologne. I look around for all the possible reasons, and finally attribute it to my allergies, my sneezing bouts, nasal polyps and a host of other reasons. Continue reading “Hyposmia and the Lost World of Smells!”