An Academy, a Principal, a Strike and a City at a Standstill!

law academy protestThe kind of high voltage drama that has materialized at the Kerala Law Academy premises at Trivandrum, is one that would give any sociopolitical thriller a run for its money. Its been almost four weeks since a student protest had ensued at the campus, and slowly but surely the waves of revolt have spread out all over the city, bringing at least a small part of it to a standstill.

Its been quite a dramatic week, with the Students Federation of India making a theatrical exit from the strike last week, while the majority of the protestors including the ones under the other three major student unions – KSU, ABVP and AISF – made it quite evident that they consider the compromise pact arrived at, between the SFI and the college management, a mere sham. Accordingly, they have further intensified the protest movement, with even more affecting consequences. Continue reading “An Academy, a Principal, a Strike and a City at a Standstill!”