Pomegranate Orchard (2017) Azerbaijani Movie Short Review

Pomegranate Orchard

The opening scene of Ilgar Najaf’s ‘Nar Bagi’ (Pomegranate Orchard) has a young boy reading out the letters at an eye clinic, and the doctor and the mother discovering that perhaps the boy could be color blind. Jalal (Hesen Aghayev) and his mother Sarah (Ilahe Hasanova) walk back home with this stark realization, only to find out pretty soon that the boy’s father Gabil (Semimi Farhad), who had vanished without a trace twelve years back, is finally back .  Continue reading “Pomegranate Orchard (2017) Azerbaijani Movie Short Review”

Wild Tales (2014) Argentinian Movie Short Review

The streak of massive destruction and rage that runs through the six brilliant pieces that make up Damian Szifron’s ‘Wild Tales’ (Relatos Salvajes) is what makes it unlike any anthology that we have watched till date. Szifron’s film is a an amazingly exciting wreck ride that sends you spinning down dimly lit tunnels of love, revenge and pure hate.

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An Ode to Lost Memories: Anuraga Gaanam Pole!

To the young, death is nothing but a distant rumour.

I’m not sure whose words these are, but senility does bring along with it a hoard of maladies that redefines your perspective of the world around you. Richy KS, in his short film ‘Anuraga Gaanam Pole’ builds on a promising premise (courtesy Sanal Raj) and comes up with something immensely emotive and thoughtful, in less than eight minutes!


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