Lion (2016) English Film Short Review

Lion English Movie ReviewGarth Davis’ much acclaimed biographical film was surprisingly a middle key affair for me, that shifts its tenor from the riveting to the prosaic and then back again to the gripping towards the climax.  As much as it remains that it’s an evocative piece that’s lifted straight out of life, there is no denying that the intensity that it sets out to achieve is strangely diluted as the film progresses beyond the first hour. Continue reading “Lion (2016) English Film Short Review”

The Rover (2014) English Movie Short Review

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There are films that stun you on account of a performance that you certainly had not rooted for, and Robert Pattinson’s Reynolds act in ‘The Rover’ is one that catches you by surprise. There are instances when the young actor even towers over the veteran Guy Pearce who is as effective as ever, playing the sober and all broody Eric, as they drive across the Australian waste land, post a global economic collapse. Continue reading “The Rover (2014) English Movie Short Review”

Jonathan (2016) German Movie Short Review

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‘Jonathan’ moves far beyond a conventional coming-of-age tale and explores a father-son relationship against the backdrop of sexuality and coming to terms with it. Directed by Piotr J. Lewandowski, ‘Jonathan’ has the wonder eyed Jannis Niewöhner in the title role, who comes up with a superlative performance. Continue reading “Jonathan (2016) German Movie Short Review”

Goat (2016) English Movie Short Review

Goat Short Review Brad Land hasn’t had an easy summer, what with his being brutally assaulted by a couple of men, and when he gets ready for college, he is hoping things would start looking up, what with his elder brother Brett already being there! However, the initiation into a reputed fraternity house, hits Brad much harder than expected, and when his room mate ends up losing his life on the campus, Brad sees that something is seriously wrong. Continue reading “Goat (2016) English Movie Short Review”