Ant Man (2015) English Movie Short Review

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Yeah I know. Sometimes I reach there quite late, and with Peyton Reed’s ‘Ant Man’, I should admit that an almost morbid fear of the comics-to-films genre, pulled me back from giving it a go. And yet here I was the other evening, trying earnestly to find out what the Paul Rudd film had on offer.


Marvel’s endeavor however struck me as weirdly entertaining and that has a lot to do with the film’s lead star, Rudd. As Scott-in-a-suit, Rudd is truly a rock star, and is superbly supported by Evangeline Lilly (who goes the tiny bit of over board that Hope Pym truly should, and a sober looking Michael Douglas as Dr. Pym himself.  Corey Stoll as Darren Cross is the kind of bad man that the word would probably gladly give in to.

‘Ant Man’ keeps it modest when it comes to the special effects and yet there are umpteen sequences that surprise you on account of their brilliance. While the micro super human story is no great shakes, Reed brings in plenty of roller coaster action to make it up.

And how could I forget to mention Michael Pena as Luis, Scott’s former cell mate and friend, who gets so graphical in his narrative that it becomes almost unfathomable. I kinda had plenty of fun with ‘Ant Man’, and am all eyes on the sequel – ‘Ant-man and the Wasp’ that is expected to hit the screens in July, 2018!

Verdict: Fun Ride