Dear Dad (2016) Hindi Movie Short Review

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Tanuj Bhramar’s ‘Dear Dad’ would perhaps be remembered as the first ever Indian film that talks of a coming-out tale of a middle aged man, who has seen the best and worst of his marriage. The delicate emotional chords that it strikes makes it a touching piece that is however quite uneven in tone.

In a remarkable sequence, Nithin Swaminathan (Arvind Swamy) flops down before his ageing dad who has long long the ability to respond, to confess that he is gay. The older man looks on at the mountains that lie far below, as if oblivious of Nithin’s presence.

There is however a major detour when Shivam (Himanshu Sharma) and his friend decide to visit a quack to find a cure for his dad’s homosexuality. This is one sequence that almost throws the entire film off it track, and thankfully its veered back to the lines in no time.

‘Dear Dad’ makes you realize how much you have missed watching Arvind Swamy on screen, and in no time does he make you realize, that twenty five years after ‘Roja’ the sparkle that you had once adored in him very much remains in tact. As a gay man grappling hard to come to terms with sexuality, Swamy is a true delight to watch. He is ably supported by the young actor Himanshu Sharma who brings in just the right amount of angst while playing his son.

Verdict: Above Average