Holding the Man (2015) English Movie Short Review

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Timothy Conigrave’s 1995 memoir is brilliantly adapted for the big screen by Neil Armfield, through a screenplay, adeptly penned by Tommy Murphy. Ryan Corr and Craig Scott play the leads in the moving drama that runs for just a little further than two hours.

Set in a time when alternate sexuality was fearfully equated to disease and death, ‘Holding the Man’ is a heartrending saga of love, that will most likely have you reaching for out a tissue, irrespective of how resolute you are in your decision not to give in.

Despite spurring a few twitched eye brows that might remain a bit uncomfortable watching two men fall in love,  ‘Holding the Man’ is more about love, and probably less about gay love. The melodrama is cleverly kept at bay, and the tragedy is nothing short of prolific.

The tremendously sad, and yet overtly obvious ending that we all know is one that would still throw you off balance. Moving to the core, ‘Holding the Man’ is without doubt one of the best LGBT films that has come out in the last couple of decades.

Verdict: Heartrending

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