Maanagaram (2017) Tamil Movie Short Review

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Film maker Lokesh Kanagaraj adroitly places his characters in a sprawling city that engulfs anything and everything within, and let them be a part of a multi narrative plot that time and again overlaps and overruns itself.


‘Maanagaram’ has a job aspirant who has landed up in Chennai for the first time, from far away Trichy, an HR Manager at the firm where he has applied, her unflicnhing admirer who would stop at nothing until she says ‘Yes’, a newly appointed cab driver who works for the firm, a wannabe gangster, a kidnap plan that goes terribly wrong and a very annoyed mafia kingpin; all making up a plot that offers plenty of intrigue.

The coincidences and crossovers are perhaps a bit too incidental, and at times even appear cleverly fabricated. But this does not in any way, rob the film of the fun that it so evenly sports through out. This one is great entertainment, and if you have a thing for multiple plots, this could just be your next evening watch.

Verdict: Good