Spy (2015) English Movie Short Review

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I often wonder why it is, that when it comes to Melissa McCarthy, my fellow film lovers are split to extremes? I for one, have had a tremendous liking for the actor, ever since I watched her in action in ‘Bridesmaids’, and thought she was nothing short of an investigator rock-star in Paul Feig’s ‘Spy’.

McCarthy plays Susan Cooper in the film, who despite her highly deceiving appearance is a CIA employee, who gets to discover more about her bad ass latent skills, as she flies across to Paris on an undercover operation. A whole lot of action follows, with even a nuclear bomb thrown in.

‘Spy’ entirely relies on Cooper and her plump self to pull off the act, and she does so, with immense elan. Its also a journey of self discovery for Cooper, wherein she mercilessly brings a truck load of spy film conventionalities under the mower.

‘Spy’ works quite well as an intelligent spoof, and the fun moments are there aplenty. There is also Jason Statham as Rick Ford, in a hilarious extended cameo. There are even a couple of priceless scenes where Statham brings the house down, affirming that Hollywood has perhaps not paid enough attention to his  comic side as yet.

Verdict: Fun Ride

Image Courtesy: www.dnaindia.com

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