Prawns Newborn & Chicken Tikka Sandwiches @ Cocoa Bean, Trivandrum

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Cocoa Bean cafe is a small joint that could probably host less than twenty guests, and our first visit ever to the place, turns out to be one that leaves a fine impression. It was around 9 in the night when we hit the place, and soon we pretty much had the entire place to ourselves. 🙂

Cocoa bean cafe Trivandrum 1

Started off with some hot chocolate, and simply could not resist ordering Prawns New Born (anything that even remotely smells prawns gets me up and running in no time), that soon arrived looking delectably yummy. Wifey decided to go for a light weight Chicken Tikka Sandwich.

The Prawns NewBorn turned out to be truly delicious with prawns cooked in thick gravy, served over butter rice. The Sandwiches were no less yummy, confirms my wife, and they were without doubt, elegantly presented, with a few fries, and some veggies thrown in.

A bit disappointed when we asked for Tiramisu for dessert, and were told that they didn’t have it that night. I opted for the Chocolate Mousse instead  while she had her eyes fixed on a slice of Galaxy pastry.

While the Mousse did match up to the expectations, the pastry tasted just about okay. On the whole, a fab evening spent at Cocoa Bean, and we will surely be back for more.

Location: On the left side of NH47, as you drive to Vetturoad from Kazhakoottam, right opposite the Indian Oil petrol pump.