Prawns Roast, Seer Fish Curry & Kutti Chapathis @ Pankayam, Trivandrum

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Pankayam Restaurant TrivandrumWe had dined at the Pankayam Restaurant at Medical College in Trivandrum once earlier, and headed over to the place once again last evening , with a dear friend who had dropped by. It was quite early for dinner, must have been around 7.30 PM, and the place surprisingly looked quite deserted, except for the wait staff.

Pankayam Restaurant Trivandrum

Once we had settled down at a comfy side table, we were served the customary Sulaimani. The wooden menu looks all too welcoming at Pankayam, but we asked if there were any special delicacies on offer. We were told that apart from the dishes on the menu, they also had the Pankayam Special Seer Fish (Neymeen) Curry.

Pankayam TrivandrumWe opted for Kutti Chapathis, that lived up to their name when they finally arrived, being quite smaller than the usual Chapathis, making them look a bit like Masala Papads and which felt slightly on the tougher side in the mouth .

Pankayam Restaurant TrivandrumBeing a shameless digger for prawns, I had ordered their Prawns Roast as well, which turned out be quite delicious, with a tomato tang overpowering all other flavors in it and rendering it slightly sour, but which was quite enticing nevertheless.

Pankayam Restaurant TrivandrumI end up comparing every fish curry that I have with the fish curry that my mother used to make at home, (she very rarely does nowadays) and the Special Seer Fish Curry at Pankayam, just about made it to a tantamount level.  On the whole, a satisfying dinner, though I should admit that the Pearlspot (Karimeen) Pollichathu, that we had last time at Pankayam scores higher.

Location: On the old Medical College Road, halfway on the way from Medical College to Pottakkuzhi, on the left side.