Red Velvet Cup Cakes & Cutlets @ The Panavila Bake House, Trivandrum

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Red Velvet Cup CakesWho would have thought the tiny bake joint at Panavila holds in store the yummiest cutlets in Trivandrum town? In case you are wondering about the outlet I am all ecstatically talking about, its none other than Panavila Bake House at Panavila junction, Trivandrum.

Have been reading so many good reviews about the Bake House, that I decided to drop by the other day. Now this one is a small shop, that could appear a bit too crowded with even less than ten people in it, at a time. And yet, it even has a small cafe tucked away to a side, with a couple of tables and chairs, where you could settle down to have a quick bite, if you want.

I was there around six in the evening, by the time the pastry racks were nearly empty. The chicken cutlets, of which I had heard many a good word, looked inviting. Bought around six cutlets, and headed over to the pastry rack, from where I bought a few red velvet cup cakes and a few piece of cheese chocolate cakes.

Chocolate Cheese Cakes

This might sound an exaggeration, but the chicken cutlets that I bought from Panavila Bake House turned out to be the best ever that I have had in my life. Delectably good, would be the appropriate term. Equally delicious were the red velvet cup cakes, topped with white chocolate and the yummylicious cheese chocolate cakes did not last for long at the table as well. Add to it some very courteous service, and the bake house appears right on top of my favorite bakers’ list

Location: Barely a hundred feet off Panavila Junction, on the way to Thampanoor, right after the signal lights, and just before you reach SP Grand Days, on the left side of the road. You are very unlikely to miss it.

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