James White (2015) English Movie Short Review

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Christopher Abbott is the man, and in Josh Mond’s critically acclaimed ‘James White’ he plays a twenty something youngster who is terrified at the way life keeps slipping through his fingers. He is ably supported by Cynthia Nixon, who plays his mother Gail White, who has been  battling with cancer.

Jobless, James White lives in a world of insecurities, and his future seems bleak. Susceptible to extreme severe panic attacks that render him a violent individual, James helps his mother struggle through extended chemotherapy sessions that leave her exhausted.

Abbott is a delight to watch as James White, and in probably the best scene in the film, he carries his worn out mom to the washroom and restlessly stands around as she relieves herself. Letting her plonk down with her head resting against his chest, he tells her of how he would make a beautiful world for himself in Paris and then invite her over to see how well he has been doing.

‘James White’ isn’t an easy watch, especially if you have had someone around, who has waged a losing war against disease. Its also a terrifying account of how abandoned one might be on the inside, even as one puts up a fleeting grin and walks out to face the world again.

Verdict: Good