An Ode to Lost Memories: Anuraga Gaanam Pole!

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To the young, death is nothing but a distant rumour.

I’m not sure whose words these are, but senility does bring along with it a hoard of maladies that redefines your perspective of the world around you. Richy KS, in his short film ‘Anuraga Gaanam Pole’ builds on a promising premise (courtesy Sanal Raj) and comes up with something immensely emotive and thoughtful, in less than eight minutes!


‘Anuraga Gaanam Pole’would instantly strike a chord with you, if you have ever known someone dear, with a memory that has started playing truant. Basking in the twilight of their lives, these individuals pull on, as life keeps steadily eroding away, and everything that had ever happened, appearing as if in a distant dream.

There are a couple of films that immediately spring to your mind as you watch this lovely short, and perhaps more than ‘Away from Her’, it might be ‘On Golden Pond’ that you would be searching for, to catch Hepburn and Henry Fonda in action again.

This brilliant short, takes its own sweet time to shed off the slight amateurishness and hiccups in its initial frames, and stuns you with a truly exceptional ending. Offering nothing short of some wrenching contemplation, ‘Anuraga Gaanam Pole’ is a melancholic ode to memory, or perhaps more specifically, what is left of it.