Aamis (2019) Assamese Movie Short Review

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I had heard so much about this Assamese gem and National Award winner, and deliberately chose not to read anything on it until I got to watch it. And I am glad I did. ‘Aamis’ has to be one of those Indian films that starts off typically and after a while treads into a territory that grabs you by your throat and shakes you up all over.

Sumon (Arghadeep Baruah) is a PhD research scholar and a meat enthusiast who has based his thesis on the meat eating habits of the North Easterners. He strikes up a friendship with Nirmali (Lima Das), a paediatrician who is enthused by the Meat Club that Sumon talks about. They soon start exploring the local cuisine and culinary experiments of various kinds, until things suddenly take a grotesque turn.

Any more discussion on it is likely to emerge a spoiler, and it would probably suffice to say that Bhaskar Hazarika daringly dabbles with the unconventional with ‘Aamis’. There are bound to be animated discussions and the ethics of how a subject as the one that it deals with could be tolerated, but it would remain that it’s a film that you would find a bit too difficult to shake off your head, long after the show.

Verdict: Good