Backcountry (2014) English Movie Short Review

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Adam MacDonald’s ‘Backcountry’ rises well above the stature of a typical nature-survival horror film in that it employs several strategic ploys that would help maintain an atmosphere of terror. What is surprising is that the film has much less footage of the animal in action and yet emerges as one of the best films that has come out in the category.

It’s the Canadian wilderness that forms the backdrop of the film, and Alex (Jeff Roop) is way too confident of the perfect trekking expedition that he is all set to have with Jenn (Missy Peregrym). Things go awfully wrong on their way to Blackfoot Trail, and they very soon realize that they are utterly lost.

It doesn’t get any better, and the events spiral down from bad to worse when they realize that they have sauntered into a big black bear’s territory. The animal isn’t the least amused and ‘Backcountry’ turns into a hell ride both for the couple and their viewers, which is difficult to sit through without your fists clenched and your eyes half closed.

Verdict: Decent Watch