Chasing Coral (2017) English Documentary Short Review

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The best thing about the lockdown has been the discovery of a series of documentary gems that are available all over the internet, and Netflix’s ‘Chasing Coral’ is the latest addition to my favourite list. Corals have always remained a fascinating subject not just to marine biologists and underwater photographers, but also to novices like me who had quit reading biology ever since high school.

Jeff Orlowski’s documentary takes up the case of the disappearing corals across the world and sets out to make a difference along with a devoted team of scientists, divers and photographers. They unravel the mesmerizing underwater world, emphasizing on what we are losing out on and pointing at the causing factors that include much discussed terms as global warming.

Winner of the Audience Award for U.S. Documentary at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, ‘Chasing Coral’ is a winner all the way, and strikes you as a science documentary that has its heart right in place. The message that it leaves in its wake is forthright, and as such makes you realize that these beauties will have disappeared in no time, if we do not pay heed to the warning bells that have been ringing loud and clear.

Verdict: Good