Fracture (2007) English Movie Short Review

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Thirteen years after its release in 2007, Gregory Hoblit’s ‘Fracture’ remains as engaging as it gets. For one, the structure of this fantastic psychological thriller is straightforward, in that there is no suspense regarding who the murderer is. Theodore “Ted” Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) shoots his wife on the face and makes its clear that death is the penalty for infidelity.

‘Fracture’ gets increasingly interesting when William “Willy” Beachum (Ryan Gosling) arrives on the scene, as the rising star deputy district attorney, who believes that an easy walkover is around the corner in this case, with a confession already having been grabbed from the alleged. Little does he realize that his whole life is to change, as Ted goes about his defence with a precision that sends all of Willy’s plans toppling down the slope.

The screen play by Daniel Pyne and Glenn Gers is nothing short of top notch, and ‘Fracture’ turns out to be an enthralling court room drama that has got almost all its games right. Not forgetting to mention the bravura performances from both Hopkins and Gosling as well, who have a go at each other as if there is no tomorrow!

Verdict: Good