Goat (2016) English Movie Short Review

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Goat Short Review Brad Land hasn’t had an easy summer, what with his being brutally assaulted by a couple of men, and when he gets ready for college, he is hoping things would start looking up, what with his elder brother Brett already being there! However, the initiation into a reputed fraternity house, hits Brad much harder than expected, and when his room mate ends up losing his life on the campus, Brad sees that something is seriously wrong.

Andrew Neel’s ‘Goat’ explores the concepts of manhood and machismo, and goes out of its way to meticulously build a chilling backdrop, where these are ripped apart questioned. Brad tries hard to comprehend what it is that takes to be a real man, and lets himself drop to unfathomable lows to establish it.

Nick Jonas and Ben Schnetzer are remarkably good as the siblings who hold on to each other despite the several odds, ripping them apart. The extensively lengthy hazing scenes not withstanding, ‘Goat’ is a decent evening watch, though it certainly isn’t an easy one.

Verdict: Good