Le Passe (2013) French Movie Short Review

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Le-PasseAsghar Farhadi’s slow moving drama is one that seems to hold plenty of promises in its fold, with characters simply refusing to relive their past lives even as they remain obsessed with it, almost to the point of devastation. Running for almost two hours, ‘Le Passe’ is a painfully sluggish exploration of a truth that would redefine a few lives that lie around it.

Farhadi’s three main protagonists – Marie, Ahmed and Samir – have a fierce desire to move on, and are terrified of their past catching up with them, and as such remain desolate individuals who seem perturbed about the present and the future as well.

The final revelations that Farhadi has in store are not really worth of the measured and almost dawdling build up that he crafts, and the turbulence that had spilled over strikes us as pointless. Given Farhadi’s flair to work around a single incident (Remember the delightful ‘About Elly’?), ‘Le Passe’ and its final resolution turns out to be a disappointment.

Verdict: Disappointing